Spray First Tan Clear – 125 ml

Unlike the DARK and STRONG lines, this solution does not contain the temporary “guide color” MakeUp that instantly gives the tanning effect. You will have to wait a few hours for our formula to stimulate and generate a tan. Ideal solution for those who want to wear light clothes immediately after treatment.

Spray First Tan Strong – 125 ml

As for the DARK line it dries in a few seconds, it has a guide color that will vanish at the first wash, it has no smell and will leave your skin soft and silky after application. The STRONG formula has been designed for those who want a Caribbean tan without the risks associated with excessive exposure of the skin to the sun, including premature skin aging. You can enjoy a beautiful tan and healthy skin at the same time.

Spray First Tan Dark – 125 ml

Dries in seconds, has no odor, leaves your skin silky and superbly hydrated after application. This line contains a temporary “color guide” MakeUp that instantly gives the tanning effect. The temporary MakeUp will drop with the first wash. Thanks to our formula your tan will last up to 5-6 days.

Tan Me Sunscreen protection – 125 ml

Tan me sun protection system defends from UVA and UVB rays, our product are hydrating and anti-aging. A Spray can with a last generation nozzle. The product gives a pleasant refreshing effect, does not stick and is completely paraben free. You can find it in four different degrees of protection. From 10 to 50 spf.

Tan Me Aftersun Spray – 125 ml

Our Aftersun is recommended for all skin types, the protection anti – UV is reinforced. The product gives a pleasant refreshing effect, does not stick and is completely praben free.

Tan Me Super Tan Activator – 125 ml

Ultra – fine mist delivers a perfect all-over colour time after time. Our special nozzle technology allows a perfect result. Exclusively rich, moisturizing dark tanning formula with ultra-black bronzing beads designed to give you a deep, dark, bronze color instantly satisfying your darkest bronzing desires.

Tan Me Cream Manteiner – 150 ml

The extender (tan extender) naturally helps your body perfect and prolong your tan. It is perfect to apply on the body and face making your long-lasting tanning experience. Our spray tanning manteiner can be used to prolong the effect of spray tanning or on its own for a few consecutive days to obtain a natural tan. The extender contains DHA and works as a self-tanning product. Its formula is specifically suited to combine with the tanning spray effect.

Tan Me Cream Black Bronzer – 150 ml

Our tanning cream shares a guiding color that will help you apply the product evenly throughout the body, guaranteeing an optimal result. It is the perfect solution to give your body an intense, luminous tan and like all our products you will have a moisturized, velvety and soft skin. The tan will be stimulated within 3-4 hours after application.

Tan Me Fruit Extreme – 150 ml

Tanning accelerator, neuropeptide of natural origin, stimulates the production of melanin, increasing the color of skin pigmentation through the action of the hormone (a-MSH) that determines the color of the skin.

Tan Me Refresh Gel – 150 ml

Delicate quick-absorbing gel. The synergistic effect of the active ingredients contained ( Aloe, Vitamin A, Carrot Extract ) with soothing action gives the skin a pleasant feeling of attenuation of the redness and guarantees a dermorestitutive function.

Tan Me Wash & Scrub – 150 ml

WASH & SCRUB is an exfoliating product that removes dead skin and impu- rities from the skin, giving you a soft light, smooth, moisturized skin thanks to the action of the natural ingredients contained therein.

Tan Me Dark Passion – 150 ml

Delicate moisturizing gel. The combination of innovative precursors help achieve an even, glowing tan even on skins that have difficulties. It contains no sunscreens.